2# Drawing Tutorial - Ruth Bell with KOH-I-NOOR colored pencils

Dudes!! I just did another drawing tutorial. This time I drew with KOH-I-NOOR's Hardtmuth Polycolor pencils. ONLY! The pigment is fine and they're quite cheap. I love their lighter pastel pink colors, they're so beautiful, and I find them very useful too! The pencils are not that sensitive, they don't break, but you kneed to sharpen them pretty often. At least, I do. 
I used Canson's grey paper in A4. The paper has got two sides (lol, you couldn't tell) but each side has got a different structure. I use the more flat side because I find it more easy to draw on. I love using pigmented pencils on darker paper, cause then I'll be able to create another effect. If you draw on white paper, you can't highlight as much as you can on the darker papers. Yep, it's a brand new thing for me to make art on grey or brown or whatever-colored paper - and you might need to practice a little. I had to do that, to "master" it. 

I'm searching for new pigmented pencils to draw with, do you know any special brands? 
Hope you liked the video. So long!!
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